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DVAN DiaCRITICS | “Creative/Theoretical Interventions” in Southeast Asian Refugee Memoir

H.M.A Leow writes about memoirs written by Southeast Asian refugees for for DVAN DiaCRITICS (Editor’s Note: This essay explores, in part, the work of Viet Thanh Nguyen, who is the Publisher and Founding Editor of diaCRITICS.) By playing with questions of authorship and ownership, Monique Truong’s luminous debut novel The Book of Salt operates, Y-Dang Troeung has suggested, […]

Freedom to Write for Palestine – Los Angeles

Date and time Tuesday, June 4 | 7:00-9:30PM Location 2220 Arts & Archives, Los Angeles Price Tickets are $20. The event is a fundraiser for mutual aid funds for Palestinian refugees in Egypt. About this event On June 4 at 2220 Arts & Archives we will co-host the second installment of FREEDOM TO WRITE FOR […]

NPR | This new show gives a little heard perspective on the Vietnam War

NPR’s Danielle Kurtzleben speaks with culture writer Daniel Chin about how the new HBO series The Sympathizer differs from other Hollywood depictions of the Vietnam War for NPR Hollywood depictions have long helped inform America’s understanding of the Vietnam War, whether it’s portraying the traumatized war veterans from TheDeer Hunter playing out ugly jungle warfare in Platoon or documenting Captain Willard’s […]

Bookoccino Bookstore | Cocktail Reception

Date and time Tuesday, May 21st | 5:30-7:00PM Location 66 Old Barrenjoey Rd, Avalon Beach NSW 2107, Australia Price Tickets are $35 and include a copy of his memoir, A Man of Two Faces. About this event Viet drops in during his @sydwritersfest visit for a cocktail reception on the 21st May at 5pm. We acknowledge the […]

The Financial Times | Novelist Viet Thanh Nguyen: ‘I’m a utopian’

The Pulitzer winner on leaving Vietnam as a child, subverting the immigrant memoir — and why he believes in a borderless world for The Financial Times Nearly two hours into my lunch with the scholar, writer and provocateur Viet Thanh Nguyen, I hear myself apologise. We’ve taken on the myth of America’s promise, the plague […]

Kirkus Reviews | 30 Books To Celebrate AANPHI Heritage Month featuring Simone

A compiled list of books to celebrate AANPHI Heritage Month from Kirkus Reviews Simone By Viet Thanh Nguyen; Illustrated by Minnie Phan A powerful, multilayered depiction of an increasingly common situation. In Pulitzer Prize–winning Nguyen’s latest, a Vietnamese American girl and her mother evacuate their home. Má wakes Simone from a dream, depicted in vibrant […]

The New Republic | The Sympathizer Is a Spy Thriller of Rare Sophistication 

Park Chan-wook’s new miniseries on HBO takes American imperialism to task—Phillip Macias writes a review of HBO’s adaptation of ‘The Sympathizer’ by Viet Thanh Nguyen for The New Republic Critics loved HBO’s Watchmen. Damon Lindelof’s 2019 miniseries may have divided audiences with its intense violence, byzantine intertextuality, and narrative complexity, but critics across the spectrum were seemingly […]

The Financial Times | Viet Thanh Nguyen on adapting ‘The Sympathizer’ for TV

The novelist discusses working with South Korean director Park Chan-wook to reimagine his book ‘The Sympathizer’ as an HBO series for The Financial Times The Sympathizer, directed by Park Chan-wook and starring Robert Downey Jr and Sandra Oh, is one of the top-watched show on HBO right now. But before it was a television series, […]

Bay Area Book Festival | Page to Screen: A Dance Between Words and Images

Date and time Sunday, June 2 | 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM Location Freight & Salvage: 2020 Addison Berkeley, CA 94704 About this event Featuring Alka Joshi, Piper Kerman, and Viet Thanh Nguyen. Moderated by Lauren Warrell. Turning a beloved book into a compelling film or series is a journey filled with creative collaboration, financial considerations, […]

HBO | The Sympathizer Official Podcast | Episode 5

Host Philip Nguyen sits down with legend Ky Duyen, host of Paris by Night and a star of The Sympathizer, and her on screen daughter Vy Le, alongside EP Niv Fichman to talk about music and art imitating life. Then director Marc Munden and co-showrunner Don McKellar get into putting action on the screen – […]

BookPage | Starred Review of ‘Simone’

Norah Piehl reviews Simone, a children’s book by Viet Thanh Nguyen and illustrated by Minnie Phan for BookPage In Simone, Minnie Phan’s illustrations combine with Viet Thanh Nguyen’s prose to offer a vision of hope and healing in the wake of generations of displacement. Pulitzer-winning novelist Viet Thanh Nguyen (The Sympathizer) takes his first foray into […]