Viet Thanh Nguyen

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  1. Molly
    May 26 -

    Thank you for speaking the truth, as you see it, through your personal and incredibly brilliant literary point of view.

    • Viet
      Jun 09 -

      thanks for reading!

  2. Trevor Yoho
    May 04 -

    Hi Viet,

    I enjoy your writings immensely being a son of a US serviceman from the American War and had lived and worked in Vietnam for five years myself.

    Thank you for putting your voice out there, the truth and courage are in short supply these days and a relief to come across.

    In case you have not yet heard of Daniel Immerwahr, you may find his work interesting and a preview in this link:


    • Viet
      May 05 -

      thanks for reading and sharing, Trevor. I’m glad that my work could connect me to you.

  3. Excellent and thoughtful post! My own thought is that in times of economic stress, social tensions rise to the forefront. Those who believed themselves victimized economically look for someone to blame, oftentimes foreigners or just those different. Hence the rise of Donald Trump which is not so different from Jim Crow in the defeated South. Unfortunately I see our economy only getting worse despite the vaccine. Attacks on Asians and those viewed as weaker will only continue.

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