Winner of the Pulitzer Prize

Suboi, Viet Nam’s Female Rapper

The Guardian runs this interesting profile of Suboi, Viet Nam’s most popular female rapper. Check out the improvised rap she does for the article. She is known as “Vietnam‘s queen of hip-hop, an outspoken artist who raps via coded lyrics about family, love, social pressures and illegal substances in a country where artists regularly worry about being visited by […]

Experimental Vietnamese Music

So who says that Vietnamese music is all about sad songs and Trinh Cong Son and cai luong and Linda Trang Dai? Not C-drik. C-drík runs a web site dedicated to African and Asian alternative music, including a section on Vietnamese experimental music. Check it out, send him some suggestions and links. This is neither red music […]

Singer Cathy Nguyen Featured in New York Times

My colleague at USC, Josh Kun, has an article in the New York Times today talking about Asian American musicians. He draws attention to what many of us suspect, that Asian American musicians have lots of talent but don’t get lots of airplay or television time because producers fear American audiences just aren’t used to them. But in the […]