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Viet Receives American Council of Learned Societies Fellowship

The American Council of Learned Societies granted Viet a research…(read more)

Fatherland: A Short Story

“Fatherland” was originally published in Narrative Magazine, Spring 2011, where…(read more)

Viet wins Mellon Mentoring Award for Faculty Mentoring Graduate Students

The USC Mellon Mentoring Awards honor individual faculty for helping…(read more)

Viet Receives $10,000 Investing in Artists Grant for Artistic Innovation

Viet was selected as one of the twenty-six recipients who…(read more)

On (Not) Being Vietnamese

Tet passed recently, and Vietnamese holidays always make me think…(read more)

Look at Me: A Short Story

“Look at Me” was originally published on The Good Men Project on…(read more)

War, Memory and the Future

“War, Memory and the Future” was originally published in The…(read more)

Trịnh Công Sơn, Movie Star: A Review of Đất Khổ (Land of Sorrows)

I didn’t know Trinh Cong Son was in a movie…(read more)

This Is All I Choose To Tell: Isabelle Thuy Pelaud’s New Book

I was twenty-one years old when I started studying for…(read more)

Eye-Level: The Photographs of Jamie Maxtone-Graham

I saw Jamie Maxtone-Graham’s work long before I met him.…(read more)

Experimental Vietnamese Music

So who says that Vietnamese music is all about sad…(read more)

Luke Nguyen in Viet Nam: Vietnamese Cuisine Goes Global

Vietnamese cuisine continues its slow ascent onto the gourmet charts.…(read more)

Viet Wins $5,000 Innovative Undergraduate Teaching Grant for An Other War Memorial

In a recent course on the American War in Viet…(read more)

Viet Becomes a Luce Foundation Fellow at the Asian Cultural Council

The Asian Cultural Council awarded Viet and his colleague, Sam…(read more)

The Americans: A Short Story

“The Americans” was originally published on the Chicago Tribune, where it…(read more)

Arthur Arellano: A Short Story

“Arthur Arellano” was originally published in Narrative Magazine, Spring 2010. For…(read more)

Singer Cathy Nguyen Featured in New York Times

My colleague at USC, Josh Kun, has an article in the New York…(read more)

Grunts vs. Gooks: Vietnam War Literature and Marlantes’ Matterhorn

Matterhorn, a novel of the Vietnam War by Karl Marlantes…(read more)

Paradise and Prisons: New York Times on the Con Dao Islands

The beach at Con Son island Vietnam is apparently going…(read more)

Bui Thac Chuyen’s Choi Voi (Adrift)

I just saw Bui Thac Chuyen’s film Choi Voi (Adrift) at the…(read more)