“The Ark” Short Film

“The Ark,” is a short film written by Viet Thanh Nguyen. It picks up after his celebrated novel “The Sympathizer,” continuing a complex and deeply intimate tale of war, displacement, and survival. It can also be seen on the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center website. Credits: Director and Artist – Matt Huynh Writer and Narrator… (read more)

Fatherland: A Short Story

“Fatherland” was originally published in Narrative Magazine, Spring 2011, where it was a prize winner in the Winter fiction contest. For the best visual…(read more)

Look at Me: A Short Story

“Look at Me” was originally published on The Good Men Project on February 19, 2011. Switch on the spotlight, see him blink and squint. In the…(read more)

The Americans: A Short Story

“The Americans” was originally published on the Chicago Tribune, where it was a 2010 Nelson Algren Short Story Awards finalist.   If it wasn’t for…(read more)

Arthur Arellano: A Short Story

“Arthur Arellano” was originally published in Narrative Magazine, Spring 2010. For the best visual quality, please download the PDF. OF THE MANY unexpected things that had…(read more)

Someone Else Besides You: A Short Story

“Someone Else Besides You” was originally published in Narrative Magazine, Winter 2008. For the best visual quality, please download the PDF. MY FATHER’S GIRLFRIEND lived in…(read more)

A Correct Life: Một Cuộc Sống Đứng Đắn

“A Correct Life” was originally published in Best New American Voices, 2007 edition, pages 97 – 117. It was translated by Nguyễn Nguyệt Cầm  on on…(read more)