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The Best Reviewed Books of 2017: Short Story Collections

The Literary Hub reviews The Refugees and lists it in Best Reviewed Books of 2017.


4. The Refugees by Viet Thanh Nguyen

(12 Rave, 5 Positive)

“The collection is full of refugees, whether from external turmoil – natural or manmade disasters – or from a deeper, more internal conflict between even those who are closest to each other. With anger but not despair, with reconciliation but not unrealistic hope, and with genuine humour that is not used to diminish anyone, Nguyen has breathed life into many unforgettable characters, and given us a timely book focusing, in the words of Willa Cather, on ‘the slow working out of fate in people of allied sentiment and allied blood​.’

Yiyun Li (The Guardian)


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