The Sympathizer Makes Mid-Year Best Novel Lists

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The Sympathizer has critics everywhere buzzing. A highly praised cerebral thriller, Viet’s debut novel has made it on several mid-year best novel lists. See the full list below:

– 23 Books We’ve Loved So Far This Year, Washington Post, July 2, 2015

– Flavorwire’s 15 Best Fiction Books of 2015 So Far

– Amazon Editors’ Top 20 Picks for the Best Books of the Year So Far, 2015 (#5)

– Best Book of the Year So Far 2015, Literature and Fiction List (#8)

– Best Book of the Year So Far 2015, Mystery and Thriller List (#10)

– Public Picks of 2015 (most notable fiction of the year), Public Books


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  1. Marc Sampler says:

    Congratulations for winning THE prize. I am a Vietnam vet 1970/1972.I would like to read realistic books about Vietnam from 1972 to 2016. Can you suggest anything.

    I agree with your thinking on the US military idustrial complex.

    • Viet says:

      thanks, Marc. You can read: Le Ly Hayslip’s memoirs, When Heaven and Earth Changed Places and Child of War, Woman of Peace; Bao Ninh’s novel, The Sorrow of War; Duong Thu Huong’s novels, Novel Without a Name and Memories of a Pure Spring; Truong Nhu Tang’s A Vietcong Memoir. Just to start.

  2. Mike says:

    Has there been any reaction to your novel from within Vietnam? Is it, or will it be, available there?

    • admin says:

      I just received a contract from a Vietnamese publishing house for a translation. Whether that translation will pass the censorship bureau is another matter. I won’t have an abridged version published. So far the reception has been positive among Vietnamese readers who can read it in English.

  3. Dan Sekarski says:

    Hey Viet! Read your book and loved it but question some research. Sinatra sang Bang Bang but Sonny Bono wrote it and his wife Cher, first recorded it. Was a really big hit for them. 3 million plus. im from that era and don’t even remember the Nancy Sinatra version.

    • Viet Nguyen says:

      Hi Dan, thanks for the comment. Funny, I never heard of the Cher version until someone pointed it out to me soon after the novel came out. The Sinatra version came out the same year, 1966. I actually do not remember when I first heard the Sinatra version, or the Vietnamese cover mentioned in this wiki link. I’m pretty sure I heard the Sinatra version before its use in the Kill Bill soundtrack mentioned in the wiki. In the end, I don’t know what version was popular in Vietnam.

    • admin says:

      and a correction will be made in the paperback to mention Cher

  4. James R. Miller says:

    Congratulations on the success of The Sympathized.