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  1. Trung Vo
    Sep 19 -

    The country is called Việt Nam, not Việt Nữ. Vietnamese culture is defined by its men, not its women. Vietnamese culture is whatever Vietnamese men define it as and are willing to fight for. We’re a patriarchal society and those values are carried by the very language itself.

  2. tienvan nguyen
    Aug 03 -

    the vietnamese translation published on on 14 May 2019 is changed into ON BEING VIETNAMESE.

  3. Gogg
    May 18 -

    “You are Vietnamese if …”:
    You are a master of Vietnamese,
    You understand and use the slang that Vietnamese classes are using.
    You have to understand what Vietnamese
    people are thinking, care about, and express what they want to say. Public or metaphor.
    How is Vietnamese society operating? Which model? What social and public authorities are snarling about the social
    In the changing social context:

    “Reply to RFI, expert Dufour [DCA-Chine Manager, Manager]

    Analysis: «Structural loss can be accepted by the US when people are still in an inequality model, ie a model in which China plays a role, as people often say it is the public workshop of the world. But since China, around 2015, announced its intention to change its position with the Made in China 2025 plan, the United States saw the risk of a competition for
    economic and technological power that could change. probably the game ».
    Dufour further explained: «The Chinese system is different from the American system because it is not a classical market economy. China has another model that distorts international competition rules. And what Washington can accept now, is now unacceptable in that new perspective. This may explain that behind the commercial loss excuse, people went to a real war ».
    (RFI – Radio France International, May 16, 2019)

    The emerging rich in Vietnam has no “strange” questions (strange, odd) like a decade ago when they first met less than a minute! Now, they also have no time to worry about finding ways:

    “… it is good to spend money, like a bowl of pho $ 37 or a Lamborghini on the streets of Saigon, where you cannot drive 30 miles faster (about 48 km) an hour …” Surviving and surviving must have been struggling with the new game:

    – Apart from America, where is the safest tax haven?
    – Is becoming a US citizen the first choice?
    – How to maintain power and deal with people and public opinion?
    – How to operate an Airline Company … or a profitable production line?
    -How to turn a public property into a private property?
    The question, the Vietnamese identity answer depends on the individual, class, level … a topic raised by a master of languages ​​like the author (Viet Thanh Nguyen)
    when returning to the source Vietnamese origin through the article transferred to Vietnamese language
    ( ” I am Vietnamese”,
    VnExpress compiled according to the English principle, May 14, 2019)

    An article after nearly a decade of lying dormant for less than a week was introduced by the local online newspaper
    For readers. The article has sparked the vitality when many people are interested in watching and discussing vigorously. So, Is (or not) Vietnamese
    [On (Not) Being Vietnamese]
    It is also necessary for a Master to write, with the Conductor for this chorus to accompany the masses to enjoy the rhythm!

  4. Thong
    May 14 -

    The Vietnamese translation on VnExpress is a bit too literal that at times doesn’t make much sense — I’m glad I found the original version here.

    Seeing the perspective on being Vietnamese from an American born is delightful, yet unsurprisingly it doesn’t get much sympathy from local Vietnameses (as shown in the comment section on VnExpress). To many of them, being Vietnamese is not just being able to speak the language, but also to uphold Vietnamese values that have embedded in their lifestyles over thousand years of the country’s history. It’s definitely not about the Lamborghini or the expensive pho, nor doing fan dances in peasant clothes. It’s more about being family-centric, respecting the elderly and paying homage to the ancestors. These are the basic values that subtly shape the behaviours, albeit diverse, yet bearing a common theme throughout many generations of Vietnamese people. It’s the same way that American society is shaped by 3 pillars of equality, freedom, and justice.

  5. Lina
    May 13 -

    Dear anh Viet,

    I recently read the translation of this piece on VnExpress and had to look up its English version straightaway. The translation didn’t quite make the cut for me, but it makes so much more sense in English.

    I moved to England by myself at the age of 15 – a critical period when teenagers try to define who they are and make sense of their identity, so I have a similar, but different struggle.

    Well done, it’s a good read.

    Kind regards,

    • Viet Nguyen
      Jun 16 -

      thanks for reading!

  6. Herb
    May 10 -

    Good article. What is being vietnamese? or black or Jewish or a white suburban kid? I am interested in what is universal. Respect, good human relations and also bullshit. So many variations of bs around the world….essentially the same just different flavor.

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